API Testing ensures End to End validation to meet your business needs.

What is API and web app testing?

API testing is a part of Software Development Testing which involves testing the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) independent from UI. As a part of integration testing determine APIs match the expectations in terms of functionality performance, reliability and security. The content of API testing determines the business logic and message(data)layer.

Why We Are?

Dot H offers following type of API’s to test


Validation Test

It performs at the end of basic development process. Specifically, After verification of the API for assurance of correct development


Functional Testing

It runs on a specific function within the code to check end-to-end functionality. This functional testing represents a specific scenario to check the API functions are handled properly for expected parameters


Web/Mobile UI Testing

This type of test focus more on end-to-end integration testing between web/Mobile and the specific API


Load Testing

It ensures the application will run on the pick performance. These test more concerned about the various level of load operations and how the failures are handled at the time of extreme situations


Runtime/ Error Detection

This test executes the errors, exceptions, resource leak and issues which is generated by previous or current tests


Security Testing

It ensures that the execution of API is safe and secure from the externals threads

API Testing Step by Step process:

  • 01Create API requirement for testing
  • 02Establish the environment for testing API
  • 03Pick API Protocol
  • 04Plan input parameters
  • 05Measure API Performance
  • 06Test Execution and report

API Testing Tools:

  • SoapUI
  • Postman
  • Katalon Studio
  • Apache JMeter
  • Rest Assured
  • Eclipse IDE Java
    SDK Tool

Why go for API Testing?

  • 01
    Technology Independent: Data is in JSON and XML which supports any language for automation.
  • 02
    UI Independent: API testing provides access to the application interface without interacting with the system. In that way, the tester detects and recognizes the errors early.
  • 03
    Cost-Effective: By using API Testing we can filter out minor bugs before the UI test. Early detection of errors will be reducing the cost.
  • 04
    Time Efficient: API testing is less time consuming because when executing UI regression testing it will take much lesser time with
    API testing.

API Documentation:

API documentation is a technical content deliverable. It provides the instruction about how to use effectively and integrate with an API. It contains all the necessary information required to work with API.

Why go for API documentation

  • Improves the experience for developer
  • Good documentation reduces the amount of time spent for new users. From the beginning new user being productive and not to depend upon the anyone./li>
  • Easier Maintenance. It helps your internal or external team should know all the details about your resources, methods, request and response.
  • Reduces the time to understand how the API works.
  • Allows identifying bugs and issues when discussing with team.