Commercial And Retail

Retail businesses developed an application that had multiple complex features

  • Teams
    01. Seller listing
    02. Member support
    03. Risk engineering
    04. Security
  • Registration
  • Bot-detection
  • Checkout
  • View item page
  • Advertisements
  • Member support
  • Seller on Boarding
  • Seller Hub (Analytics)
  • Multiple Integrations
  • Changing Data
  • Availability
  • Managing and testing a large database
  • Performance, adaptability, readiness, efficiency, and accuracy
  • Reduced time to market
How do we overcome it
  • Hire experts in the eCommerce domain
  • Test prioritization and pruning
  • Enforce a formal and structured pattern
  • Provide regression tests to ensure nothing is broken while changes were made
  • Have automated testing in CI/CD pipeline
  • Transfer team knowledge and leverage skills on application product tests